Structure of C

structure of C programming

C programming is a structured oriented programming language.

      structure of c programming

1. documentation section:

      It consists set of comments such as name of the program, author and other detail which we want to use in future.
There are two types of comments such as a "single line comments" or "multiline comments".

  - Single line comments

    For example: // my first program

  - multiline comments

    For example: /* developed by
                                 Fy BCA student */

2. link section:

      It provides instruction to the compiler to link function from the system library

    For example:

3. definition section:

      In this section symbolic constant postures are define, symbolic constants means value of variable cannot be changed during execution of program.

    For example:
     #define PI 3.14

4. Global declaration section:

      Some variables are used more than one function os those variable s are declare in global declaration section.
This kind of variables scope are throughout the program.

    For example:
     int area;

5. main function section:

      Main function is a heart of C which tell the compiler that execution of program start from here.
One and only one main function in particular program.

Main function divided into two parts
- declaration part
- execution part

● declaration part:
In this part all variables are declare which are use in the program.

● execution part:
Process, input output and decision making statement are written in this section.

process and Declaration statements must end with semicolon(;)

6. sub program section:

      It contains all the user define function which are called from main function.

example structure of C

/*write a c program
to find out area of circle*/ // documentation section

#include // link section

#define PI 3.14 // definition section

float area; // global declaration section
void process();
void output();

void main() // main function section
float r; // declaration part

printf("enter value of r:"); // execution part
}                              //sub program section
void process(float r) // function 1
void output(float area) //function 2
printf("area is: %f",area);

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