Basic of c language

Overview of C

C is a powerful general-purose programming language. It is available in all platforms.

If you are new to programming, C is good choice to start your programming journey.

History of C

     C is a structured high level machine independent programming language. It allows software programmer to develop software without worry about the hardware platform. The root of all modern language is ALGOL which is introduced earlier in 1960. The concept of programming language has been given by ALGOL. It widely used in European countries but it never become popular in USA.

      Martin Richards developed language in 1967 and it is known as BCPL ( Basic Combined Programming Language ) Ken Thompson created many features of BCPL and it is simply called B, It was used to create versions of UNIX operating system in the bell Laboratories. Both programming language such as a BCPL and B were typeless.

      In 1972 Dennis Ritchie developed C language which features of BCPL, B data type and other additional features, initially C is known as traditional C. It became more popular after Publications of the book "The C programming language" by Brian Kerningham and Dennis Ritchie in 1978, after the publication of book the book is known as 'K&R C' among the programming community. In December 1989 ANSI (American National standard Institute) technical committee approved version of C, after it is known as "ANSI C". Then after in 1990 it was a approved by ISO (International standard organisations) the version of c is also known as C89, After some number of improvement and changes the language became an ANSI/ISO approved language in November 1977.

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